Eugenio Scalfari, in addition to being a sincere seeker of truth, he is also a great admirer of Jesus, and also of Pope Francis.
At the end of his long article on the Church and the Pope, “the Francis’ revolution against the mandarins of the Vatican,” says:
If he existed such a character (Jesus), the institution he inspired has lasted for two thousand years, and they have seen all sorts of things in it, but also the principles of fraternity, charity, responsibility, suffering and joy, desires, love, weakness and strength and with their opposites they coexist in the thinking animals that we are.
Dear Pope Francis, on different sides we are fighting the same battle. Unfortunately it will last as long as our species exist. Lions and ants, mice and gazelles do not have our problems and our contradictions. They too bear the fatigue of living, fear and satisfaction when they satisfy their basic needs. Our strain is different and perhaps greater than theirs and this is the nobility of our human issues.

Dear readers, dear brothers in Christ, you who have faith, can you see what extraordinary advantage, what great strength and hope you have available, more than the one our brother Eugenio has?
He is forced to fight and hope to be able to prevail with his own human resources; to bet that his interpretation of Jesus and of the world, and then of his own life, is correct. By faith, we believe that we are not alone and we know how to overcome all difficulties.
It is true that from a philosophical point of view we are rational animals, more free and conscious, but compelled by nature to a greater trouble than that of animals because we do need the truth, the good, the right, the useful, and we can and must choose among many options, often deceiving us and making mistakes.
But, in all this trouble Jesus, both son of Mary and son of God, came to our rescue.
We not only know for sure that he existed, but also that he loves us and helps us every day in our existential anguish. And above all, the most incredible thing, we know that he has made us become children of God: therefore, we are not merely rational animals but children of God because, in a mysterious way, through Him we participate in the divine nature.
Let us thank God together with all our heart and pray for our brother Eugenio, so that the light of the Holy Spirit can make him understand what is the hope to which he too is called and to which he may participate.
Yours in Jesus Christ,
father Giuseppe Paparone o.p.