Some suggestions for families


Dear readers, moms, dads, grandparents…
Here is a small collection, I would say a very simple handbook but perhaps not so easy to apply, a practical guide that can greatly help your children and grandchildren to grow in serenity and harmony.
• Let us teach our children to use electronic media – that is mobile, tablet, computer and TV – with a lot of intelligence.
• Parents never quarrel in front of their children.
• Do not deride or have rancor behavior against the children.
• Let’s get used to be tolerant, but not lax.
• Let’s always encourage them to increase self-confidence.
• Always avoid making comparisons with other children.
• Do not make them too many compliments for what they do.
• Let’s be firm and resolute if children are wrong, but do not make them feel guilty.
• Let them live in love and friendship.
• Parents never disagree before the children about serious things.
• Smiling is the best way to communicate with children.
• Often be with the children, playing with them.
I make myself available to answer questions and delve deeper, and I invite you to leave your comments, notes, questions in this blog or write in the section Individual accompanying that you find in the Homepage or in the Contacts of the website.

dr. Antonino Cumella