We are a fraternity of catholic people sharing the aspiration to live the community life according to the evangelical tuition of the first community in Jerusalem; our community was then born as a personal and community response to the invitation made by Jesus to accept the gift of the New Life and to cooperate with the Church to the construction of His Kingdom.

Established in 1997 by fra Giuseppe Paparone o.p., Dominican priest, after several years of prayer and listening to the Speech of God, the Abbà Community received the Canon admission by the Milan Archbishop of Milan at the time, Carlo Maria Martini. It has become part of the Dominican Family since 2005.

The spiritual identity of the Abbà Community is inspired by two basic events of the preaching of the Kingdom: the Mountain Speech, summarizing the Gospel spirit, and the Pentecost, giving the baptised people the strength of the Holy Spirit and fully accede to the God Kingdom.

Both spirituality and apostolic life also take nourishment from the charisma of Saint Dominic, an evangelical man who was worn out by the desire to proclaim the Good News to the world, and by the Fatima message, where Holy Mary firmly reminded the Church to take care of the sinners and of the evil tormenting the world.

The Community achieves her own vocation by trying to match the two dimensions of the Christian life:

- to grow in charity and in the knowledge of the Mystery of Christ through the commitment in the brotherly communion; 

- to make itself available to the Church in its activity of evangelise.


In light of the current socio-cultural situation, which is not fostering but rather hindering the spread of the Gospel and the development of an authentic Christian life, the Abbà Community has identified a threefold apostolic urgency:

• let the people discover the Gospel of Jesus Christ , in particular all those who do not feel satisfied by the answers that the world offers to their need of fullness, truth and love;

• help those who attend the Church to grow in welcoming Jesus as Master of their lives and having an adult and responsible relationship with God;

• awaken and train new evangelizers.

The Community carries out its apostolic activities both through its own spiritual and educational initiatives, and supporting the local Church.


Canonical recognition
by the Cardinal Martini

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Abbà – Comunità Cattolica per l'evangelizzazione