Dearest friends,
I watched a video interview on YouTube, in which Carl Gustav Jung, one of the founding fathers of modern psychology, concluded with this statement: Man cannot stand a meaningless life.
Good!, I told myself; for psychoanalysis it is important that life has to be given a clear meaning, deliberately chosen and pursued.
But is this statement enough?
Isn’t it necessary know if, in fact, any sense a person may have given to his existence, this is really able to give him happiness and fulfillment?
Experience tells us that when in life we have given ourselves a meaning and a purpose, we are motivated, we become positive and active.
But yet experience tells us that when we reached this goal (if we are lucky enough) we will inevitably discover all its limitations and inability to fully realize our existence, our expectations.
The proof is that we are never satisfied, never happy. We all have to complain about shortcomings and shattered hopes.
It is therefore essential to ask ourselves what could be the meaning of life capable of fully fill it up, to satisfy every deepest expectations, in any situation, in any event.
But that is not enough, and we are coming to the heart of my reflection.
If life continues after death, as many of us believe, it is absolutely necessary that the meaning we are giving to our life is capable of giving meaning also to the existence that will continue after our physical death, after the end of this earthly dimension.
In this perspective, as we can easily understand, it is clear that for us the meaning of life is first of all connected to the truth of life: in welcoming life from the hands of God who created it and in being united to the source of life that is HIM, HIM only.
Dear friends, I wanted to give you a little help, a motivation to confirm you in your choice of faith: an opportunity to see if communion with God is the real meaning of your life, the one that can lead you to a complete fulfillment.
Think about it,
ask yourselves.
And, if you want, write me.
I will be happy to help you and to help ourselves in this understanding.
God bless you.
Yours, father Giuseppe Paparone o.p.