I read with great interest a recent article by Eugenio Scalfari in La Repubblica, (The ego strength on the path of Donald Trump and Matteo Renzi) in which – besides analysing the current political situation – someone finally felt the need to reflect on the close relationship between personal psychic dynamics and economic, social, strategic policy options.
Without going into the article, I greet with joy this “novelty”, which confirms me in my purpose to talk to you on this huge and very important issue: self-knowledge and the development of our individual personalities.
I think every man should have as a priority these two objectives:

  1. know who is,
  2. how to bring to fulfillment his own person.


Certainly a huge task, which have sought to answer the philosophy, the “school of wisdom” of all peoples, mystery and public religions and, starting from the second half of the nineteenth century, psychology, psychoanalysis and neuroscience today.
Do not worry!
I do not mean to bore you with a series of cultural information and issues about these topics.
I only wish to offer some starting points, in the Christian vision of man, to begin a journey towards self-knowledge as the necessary foundation to be able to really meet God and neighbor.
Today I propose this first and fundamental question, which is key in order to continue to read this page with benefit:
Do you really want to know yourself in deep?
Do you think it’s worth it? Indeed, is it a priority commitment?
One day Jesus said to those who sought him: What good is it for someone to gain the whole world, and yet lose or forfeit their very self? (Lc 9, 25)
The first step, therefore, will be to understand what is the most important asset of our existence, the one we love most.
Because this is what determines and influences everything we do.
In fact, man only moves for the good.
The research is not easy because we can easily deceive ourselves.
We must distinguish the good that we would like to be in first place from what really occupies the first place.
In this journey into our inner world that we are going to do together, I do not have a definite program and, therefore, I make myself available to interact with you readers, in case you have priorities and specific questions on this subject, and to accommodate your requests.
If you have doubts, questions, comments, please write to me.
Fra Giuseppe Paparone


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