Dear brothers and sisters,
the 27th of June of 1987 has been one of the most important days of my life.
I cannot say “the most important”, because this “title” is dedicated to the day of my vocation on the 15th of August 1978 at 11 am in Camaldoli.
The 27th of June I finished the preparation path to the gift that Jesus offered me, which I celebrated in September by entering the convent.
30 years of ministry, of search, of battles, frustrations, but also of beautiful experiences.
Now I only wish to remember the beautiful memories as I have metabolized the bad ones and transformed them in spiritual nourishment.
I would remember and thank God for all the persons that were close to me, especially those with whom I shared the priestly service offered by the Abbà Community.
I will remember with joy, love, and gratitude each of the encounters with them; as the teachings of the Gospel, even these are fixed in my mind.
I will also remember, but not so clearly, everyone else.
I will pray for the people I have been unable to understand and adequately support. God will integrate where I have failed.
Now, I must ask for your support in prayer, at least until my mission appointed by God is brought to completion.
F. Giuseppe