Gluttony – part two


Let’s go on with our reflection on the passion of gluttony.
In the previous speech, we stated that pursuing the pleasure in itself is evil, it is a vice, and this for two reasons: the first is a material one, the other is a spiritual one.
In fact, we should be more precise by characterizing in the spiritual order two levels: the most psychological and the truly spiritual.
We mentioned that vice turns into a slavery, so that we are no longer able to choose what is really good for us and for our health.
That is there for all to se, not only in people who get addicted to alcohol or drugs, but also in all obese or fat people (excess of nourishment, part of the food we ingest is not necessary).
This lack of rationality and freedom is for us cause of sickness, weakening of our physical faculties, and we allegedly waste a lot of food resources.
But the real critical point is the psychological slavery of our will = absence of freedom = life lived below our spiritual level: we are at the mercy of the animal drive.
This subjection to carnality creates a real spiritual damage, because when we are slaves to that vice, we have lost sight of our true spiritual purpose: the practice of our freedom in view of our real good, much wider than the physical one.
In short, we live focused on the material world and not the spiritual world.
We are no longer masters at home and we have forgotten to have a spiritual nature.
How can we free ourselves from this small or big slavery?

  • First, become aware of this weakness or vice.

Everyone must personally exercise their intelligence to discern the level of slavery and possibly identify the causes of this weakness.
And this is a first spiritual exercise.


  • Then, we have to decide to fight against this drive, and this is another spiritual exercise, that helps us to self-determination.


  • Finally, we must choose to act, and this give us the chance to exercise our will, third spiritual exercise.


Recognizing and affirming the primacy of our intelligence and our freedom, we are automatically connected with our true spiritual nature, and we will begin to experience the taste of true freedom and of true spirit world.
To definitively defeat the vice of gluttony, to emancipate oneself from its seduction,
it is necessary to persevere, it is necessary to practice the virtue of temperance that inspires us to be sober, to nourish ourselves only for the good of our body, to feel the right pleasure connected to the nature of things.
In relation to the degree of subjection to a particular food or to a specific quantity, everyone will have to intervene personally through abstinence.
Believe me, the only way to emancipate from gluttony is the practice of the virtue of temperance which means: choosing the quantity and quality of food that are necessary to my person and that allow me to exercise the intelligence and freedom.
And is it not the only real way to live as men, as people with a spiritual nature?
Fra Giuseppe Paparone


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Fra Giuseppe

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