The Abbà Community was born under the inspiration of Father Giuseppe Paparone o.p., Dominican priest.

Born in a small village in Sicily in 1946, after a youth spent traveling the world as Official Commissioner on cruise ships, he begins a journey from atheism to faith, in which the religious and priestly vocation is revealed suddenly, after years spent in the pursuit of material pleasures, which, however, never filled the void and restlessness of his heart.

From there emerged his first thoughts about the meaning of life and those years mark the beginning of his quest for God.
At twenty-seven, the first meeting, the turning point.

It is 1973. In New York for a sailing break, he enters the Rizzoli bookstore, wandering among the shelves; Here he has a fatal attraction from the spiritual point of view:
“I bought the Gospel of Saint John, and from that moment something profound has begun to change in me. Reading those pages, who speak of Light, of Truth and True Life, I was struck deep inside the soul, I converted, accepting the message of Jesus joyfully and totally”.
Father Joseph says:
“In the autumn of that year I stopped sailing in order to start a different path; I moved to Milan and I changed job: I was in charge of organization in IBM and meanwhile continued to seek the truth of the Christian message”.
The turning point came during a retreat at Camaldoli, August 15, 1978: in the morning, during the Mass he hears the call to the priestly vocation and in the evening, during the celebration of Vespers, to the religious life.
After three years of spiritual, catechetical and theological study at the “Istituto di Scienze Religiose” in Milan, Giuseppe Paparone comes to the conclusion that God wills it priest in the Dominican order.
Hence his journey continues on a new route and the choice of the roads is decisively influenced by his past and conversion, which came after living in the dark and without the love of God. Father Joseph capitalizes on his experience of the goodness of the Father, who called him causing him to be reborn to new life, and wants to share it with everyone, becoming a credible witness.

That’s why in Milan, a few years after his priestly vocation, he founded a prayer group, which soon led to the first core of the Abbà Community.
Father Joseph was Superior at the convent of the Dominicans in Taggia (Sanremo) and the convent of Santa Maria delle Rose in Turin.
Currently, he carries out his pastoral activities, together with the lay people of the Abbà Community, mainly in Milan, where he now lives at the Dominican convent of Santa Maria delle Grazie.




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